Tips And Tricks To Go Zero Waste

Handy is a company that places people in touch with professional cleaners in the interested of making their home a better and cleaner place. There are a few tricks to put in motion if you would like to make your home a cleaner place in between the times of cleaning.


Reducing plastic consumption

In North America, it seems that we are addicted to plastic and we can’t seem to ditch it for good. There are a lot of statistics out there warning the public on things such as the great pacific garbage patch and it is growing at a quick pace. Plastic takes a long time to decompose in a landfill and even the sea salt has been found to contain this material. Another statistic that came out was that Americans make up 5% of the world but generate 30% of global garbage. This should make them take the initiative to consume less waste. Some people think that going zero-waste is quite impossible but with a little effort, it can be reality. The goal is to send zero waste to the landfill, which means not using any more paper towels, packaging materials, takeout packaging, straws and composting the rest of the food we don’t eat or goes bad.


Week long zero-waste challenge

Handy knows just ho hard the first day can be since all the habits you have formed throughout time has to be rethought. It is recommended to start small since it can get overwhelming at first. There are a few things that are best to carry with you at all times when you are trying to switch to a zero waste lifestyle. A few of these things are produce bags, a reusable straw a coffee cup and a metal water bottle. But when it comes to eating out, it may be close to impossible to keep it up. They have the plastic container and the small soy sauce packets they include in your take out bag.


It is a tough decision to go out but there are restaurants out there that have a more sustainable approach and those who do will be more popular with the newer generations that are more concerned about the environment and its well being. On the other hand we tend to want to take out the food and eat it in the comfort of our own home to not seem as though we are not alone.



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