The Essential Opportunities for the Load Boards

The overturned crane with 130 tons of lifting capacity.When we see this picture, we ask ourselves how these situations can be avoided and after similar ones.

We found the answer to this question, in the reading of the paragraphs that appear below and that were extracted from the operating manual of a telescopic mobile crane of another manufacturer.

We firmly believe that users should pay more attention to the operation and maintenance manuals of mobile cranes of all types.

The service failures are:

  • Overload
  • Pen outside the angle field of the load table
  • Pen outside the boom radius field of the load table
  • State of extension of the telescopic elements that do not correspond to the table
  • of charges “

load table is available

Assembly – no load table

  • The symbol appears when the disconnection limits of the LIC CON load controller are jumpered with the equipment push-button D and no load table is available.
  • The crane must only be used according to the corresponding chapter data
  • of the crane service manual and / or the lift / lower tables.
  • Indication:

By pressing the equipment button D you can carry out all the procedures oflifting / lowering within tables lifting. If you choose Free Freight Search load board then the options are bright enough.

Which there is no load table!

  • Danger of accidents with an assembly and control error!
  • With an assembly error and control, it is possible that the controller charges are not active or disconnected with delay!
  • The controller loads cannot pick a different state of equipment load chart!
  • Environmental and environmental influences not taken into consideration cannot be captured bythe Load Controller!

As a result there can be dangerous situations and accidents!People can die or be seriously injured!It can cause material damage!

  • Always mount and operate the crane with care!

Danger with the load controller bypassed!With the controller bridged loads and movements not monitored crane!The crane can overload and fall!People can die or be seriously injured!It can cause material damage!

  • Execute the crane movements only within the fields indicated in the load tableas in the lifting / descending tables!

Danger that the crane overturns!

If another counterweight is used that is different from the load table, then the crane or


  • Install the counterweight according to the values ​​indicated in the load table!

Danger of the crane overturning!

Before the boom is lifted out of its transport position, the crane must be stabilized according to the load table and the load controller adjusted according to the load tablevalid! When setting up the ballast, shall not exceed in any case, the lengths of boom and radios pen shown in table loads!

  • Absolutely observe the values ​​indicated in the load table!
  • Adjust the charge controller according to the load table and the mounted counterweight on the rotating platform.


The boom is extended beyond the maximum extent allowed by the amount of tons placed in the counterweight. The load moment of the boom is greater than the load moment of the counterweight. Then the crane is tipping over in the direction of the boom.


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