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Every year, the production of fuel and energy costs man more and more, and people begin to realize clearly that the senseless waste of energy and, in particular, electricity or the inefficient use of energy devices not only immoral, but also hurts, and the further, the stronger.

Each family is almost able to almost half the consumption of electricity in everyday life without significant harm to human comfort, if you master a number of useful rules and systematically carry them out.  A reliable electrician in Singaporeis able to help you out in this matter.

The Tips for You

These tips need to be remembered every day. They are not complex and do not require a lot of time for their implementation, but if you do not forget to follow them, you can significantly reduce the energy consumption in your home and reduce the cost of its payment.

The easiest and most effective way to save energy is to always turn off the light when you do not need it: leaving home, not leaving useless electrical appliances and lighting, do not allow prolonged lighting of empty premises. And leaving for a long time (for example, on vacation), we recommend to de-energize (pull out the plugs from the sockets) all electrical appliances. This measure not only guarantees to you that any device will waste energy, say, in the “standby” mode, but also provide fire safety in the house in your absence.

  • Keep the lamps and ceiling lamps clean. Dirt and dust accumulating on them can reduce the efficiency of the lighting fixture by 10-30%.
  • Your windows should be clean. Dirty windows “steal” the natural light that comes to your house. And then it is necessary to include artificial lighting and to spend thus electric energy. Dirty or dusty windows can reduce the natural illumination in the room to 30%.
  • Try to provide a lower level of general lighting when you use local lighting. That is, when your workplace is intensively illuminated by another lamp, say, a desk lamp or floor lamp.
  • Do not interfere with the penetration of natural light into the room: do not cover the curtains unnecessarily in the daytime, do not force the window sill with large plants, keep the windows clean, etc.

Look, where in your house you can replace a simple incandescent lamp with a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). Remember, the lamp should be selected so that it would go up to the lamp: it had the same base as the incandescent lamp, it fit into the lamp in its size. The most effective replacement of incandescent lamps for energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps in those places where the light is constantly on, and turns on / off seldom. Replacing incandescent lamps with modern energy-saving lamps can, on average, reduce the electricity consumption in an apartment by a factor of 2. A famous electrician in Singapore is serious on these matters.

Audio and video equipment

Leaving the house for a long time (or going to bed for the night), turn off not only the light, but also electric appliances that are in the “standby” mode (standby mode): TV, music center, DVD-player, this will reduce power consumption.


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