How to learn to sail and how to improve your Skills?

Whether it is for regatta projects or for a long crossing, you have to be patient and especially go at your own pace. Here are some tips before you start!

As per experts, it took 30 years of sailing experience to consider yourself as a sailor. Whether it is for regatta projects or for a long crossing, you have to be patient and especially go at your own pace. Learning to sail is long but what a pleasure to be able to sail alone, with your children or with your friends on a cruise.

Immerse yourself in the maritime literature

Local literature is rich in maritime narratives: The stories of the first explorers show us the joys we share at sea but also the difficulties encountered in bad weather. Page after page, we learn the techniques to reduce the breakage of their Yacht, what’s more essential?

Subscribe to specialized magazines

The sailing Yachting press has many articles that are very rewarding and practical for learning how to maneuver and sail. She even devotes files for her learning with very specific items such as adjusting the sails, the reefing to reduce the wing in emergency, recover a man overboard ….

Register at a sailing school

The sailing schools recognized by the government authority are excellent ways to learn how to navigate safely. Instructors, state graduates follow your pedagogical progression according to your results and your marine sense. Their strength is to have at disposal several types of sailYachts (light and habitable sail). You have to learn to control them and make them perform whatever the weather.

Become a member of an association

Some associations offer trips to the sea. This is a great way to meet other captains who can explain the art of sailing. During these voyages, the crew members exchange their maritime experience on board. Back on dry land, you will have kept in mind valuable advice. You can visit for further information.

Rent a Yacht

Sailing Yacht hire is also a good way to learn how to navigate several bodies of water, which is very informative. The expression “greet the grains and round the caps” is meaningful in this context.

Embark with a confirmed crew

A skipper always looks for a volunteer crew to help send the mainsail, unwind the jib or ensure the day before, why not you? Sail with different crews, on sailYachts of small or large sizes, in addition to various water bodies; all these rich experiences are also pedagogical.

Make competitions

Being introduced to the regatta also helps to progress, it teaches to sail alone or in crew, in conditions often a little muscular but also in the light weather.

Become a traveler of the extreme

Some tour operators offer trips “extreme” to sailing, this trend is developing: example passage of Cape Horn from USHUAIA, or passage of the Far North. Above all, keep in mind that whatever happens, you must stay in control of your Yacht.

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