How Brad Roemer Attracted What He Wanted In His Life

When Brad Roemer had just graduated from Merritt College with a golden Certificate in Real Estate, he spent about five years of his career working for Bay Sotheby’s International Realty. He absolutely loved being a matchmaker between homes and humans. But at a certain point, he felt like he rode that ride for a little too long. It was time to make a change for something new.


Roemer was boggled down by fear, asking his family and friends for recommendations about what his next life step should be. Some of them said they should ask to grow within the current firm he worked for, while others stated that he needed to find a new venture altogether. Sometimes, when you have to do some soul searching, the external chatter can flood your judgement. What he learned from Gabby Bernstein is priceless news that he wanted us at his firm to share with everyone, as it makes up an important part of his entrepreneurial story.


When You Don’t Like What You Do, Appreciate It

Instead of sulking every time you enter the office because you hate your life, turn your energy into something powerfully contagious. In Roemer’s case, why feel bitter about the job that started your career? Instead, recognize that this is not your entire future but you’re still going to make the most of it while you’re there. Show up to work with high vibrations of appreciation, looking forward with positivity. It’s this kind of energy that creates the new opportunities for you.


Appreciation Increases Your Attracting Power

Show the universe and others that you connect with that you are completely in synch with your current love nature. That you are living from a place of faith—one day you will find the best opportunity for you at the right moment, but right now, the universe wants you to be where you are.


Drop The Negativity

Being in an energy of lack or fear, the more unlikely you will attract the positivity of a new career prospect into your life. Instead, find fun in every aspect of your job. The more fun you exude, the more success you will have in your life. Instead of walking around mad or stressed out, shift back in your chair and recognize everything in your life that is going great. Do you have your own office? Is your current job location close to home? Do you have the luxury of closing million-dollar deals, even as a junior realtor? Every morning, use a gratitude journal to write down everything you love about your life. If you’re skeptical, then even the more reason to try this out and trust that your energy will exude greater chords of positive attraction.

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