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To find an air conditioner that suits your specific needs, you need to consider several important selection criteria and ask questions accordingly:

Air conditioner use: seasonal (cooling and cooling in the transitional period) or year-round (cooling and heating) use of the appliance?

The power of the air conditioner: the power / effect of the air conditioner are tied to the surface area – what is the area of ​​the space that you are planning to air conditioning?

Air conditioner type: Depending on the characteristics of the room you plan to air-conditioning – whether a wall, ceiling or floor inner unit is required?

Energy Efficiency: All-day use of air conditioners affects the amount of el. energy – do you need a highly energy efficient device to reduce el. energy?

Purpose of space: is it a residential building (house, apartment), business object or facility with specific cooling / heating needs?

If you have any answers to some (or all) previous questions, please fill out the questionnaire that will display the devices according to your specific needs and requirements.You found the air conditioners that fit your needs and are not sure which one is the best for you?

Air conditioner features are the same as the ones in the offer, and the most important features to be considered when choosing are: with the good at aircon servicing you can have the best deal.

  • Unit dimensions : very important if you are limited, for example, by the width of the wall to the position of the indoor or outdoor unit
  • Noise: It is preferred as soon as the lower noise level of the indoor / outdoor unit
  • Consumption-Efficiency: Less power consumption means less bills for el. energy
  • Aesthetics: each device looks unique – find one that fits into the concept of space
  • Accessories: Each device offers a unique accessory, eg antibacterial filters for people with respiratory problems

Manufacturer: Our expert advice when choosing a device is choosing reliable Japanese brands such as Daikin,Mitsubishi, Toshiba or Fujitsu. At the good at aircon servicing Singapore you can have the best deal.

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