The Top Keyword Research Tools for Agencies

When it comes to choosing an effective keyword research tool, many users consider more about the collected data, amount of time it takes to get the data, and the in-depth knowledge of the data that the user can gain.

Keyword research tools speed up a discovery process and also provide you with easy access to current and historical data that can make challenging campaigns become seamless missions.  Premium SEO keyword research tool is essential to agencies because it offers great benefits. The best keyword research tools require a monthly transcription although Web Design Warrington can help you get a free tool with great benefits.

The following are some of the best keyword research tools with their features and benefits.

  1. Moz Keyword Explorer

It’s a monthly subscription, for the Standard it is $99 while the Premium goes for $599. This tool is incredibly powerful and simple to use. It continues to update its core services and Keyword Explorer. The subscription fee is for a whole package of the services that they offer, this makes it ideal for agencies.

Moz is a company that has been able to keep up with the trends and provides cutting-edge solutions since their inception a decade ago. The few issues with Moz is that they tend to rank amongst the lowest in the volume of keyword suggestions that are provided. It also offers the same granularity of search volume data which Google’s Keyword Planner provides, this gives estimated ranges and not concrete numbers.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

It’s a free keyword research tool. It is a feature within the Google Ads ecosystem.The Keyword Planner is able to show trends data in a city, region, etc.  It is one of the best tools that can be used to train those who are beginning to learn about SEO. The Keyword Planner has been criticized for the emerging of search volumes for similar words. The SEO experts haveargued that this has weakened its level of service.

  1. Ubersuggest

This is also a free keyword research tool. It was developed by Neil Patel. Ubersuggest functions the same as Google’s search. With Ubersuggest, when you enter your word, you see a summary section that highlights search volume, estimated CPC, and the perceived level of competition in logarithms. Ubersuggest gives you an option of zooming in on YouTube, Shopping, Google’s image, etc.

One of the best things with Ubersuggest is that it supports many languages and countries which many of its competitors doesn’t. This tool is ideal for both the young and experienced pros because it uses Google’s autocomplete API.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush monthly subscriptions are $99 for Pro and $399 for Business. It has gained a high reputation as one of the best SEO tools on the market. This tool is unique because it provides paid and organic keyword data, and competitor information.

Inn SEMrush, when you enter a word, it provides you with several keyword suggestions. When you insert a word into the box, you’re given many panels that can be overwhelming at first. If you drillthrough the competitors, you begin to understand why their site is ideal for competitive keyword gaps. This tool is perfect for agencies whose wish is to collaborate with internal access teams and thinks that SEO and PPC work best when combined.

  1. io

The monthly subscription is $48 for Pro Lite and $88 for Pro Plus. It uses Google’s autocomplete API to pull in data at a high rate through speeding up the manual process. It enables you to pull terms across Amazon, Bing, eBay, etc. One of the benefits of using this tool is that it works well in discovering variations of keywords to create content.
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How tech companies may be affected by new GDPR rules

  • What Is GDPR?


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The EU law states that data protection and privacy are put in place for individuals living in the European Union and the Europea Economic Area. The GDPR allows an individual control over their own data and information.

The new regulations offer greater protection to those who store their information online. They can what is going on. They can raise any complaints they have as suspicious activity comes up. They can do this at any time and place. It does not matter where they are in the world. This will mean that it won’t just be computer repair and tech experts looking at better data recovery services but many other companies to ensure that data is not easily lost and is easily accessible for only those who need it. Below are the 5 rules that every tech company should abide by when looking after personal data.


  • The Five Rules That Apply To Tech Companies Under the New GDPR Rules


There is a new set of GDPR rules that have been in effect since the week of May 25, 2018. These five rules could essentially cost tech companies billions if they do not follow the rules.

1) Every company that interacts with someone in the EU is going to be affected, including government agencies, American tech companies, and non-profits.

2) Say you have a breach in your company. You need to notify them within 72 hours, or you face a big fine. Companies pay a 4% fine or 25 million, whichever one is going to be higher. That is a heavy fine. You need to pay attention to the GDPR rules or pay up.

3) The GDPR is working in the customer’s best interest. They want to strengthen the protection of a customer’s information. They want to control how the information is exported, outside the EU, and who sees it. They also want to give their customers greater control over their data. It is your information. They want to keep it that way.

4) The downside is that most companies are not fully aware and ready for the new GDPR rules, though they have had months to prepare. A recent study finds that only 37% of businesses are prepared, for what lies ahead. That is not very encouraging. More tech companies need to read the rules and educate their staff, or they are going to pay the price.

5) You might be able to increase your stock in BEZ(London-based Beazley), believe it or not. This company ensures other companies when cyber attacks happen. You might want to do your own research on that. The terms and conditions might be different for each person.

True Opportunities for the Proper Viewports Now

It is quite common to find broken metal elements in the house, cracked or with loose or detached pieces. Although metals are durable materials, they also suffer deterioration through use or passage of time. That is why, throughout this article, we’ll show the company know what you need metal adhesive.

How to know what metal adhesive you need?

Metal objects are usually linked together by screws, rivets or welding. In some cases, these unions are loosened or degraded and are difficult to repair. Therefore, we will present a series of adhesives, sealants and fillers that are very useful for small repairs at home. You will see that it is simpler than you imagine. Before choosing a product, you have to take into account these factors:

What kind of metal do you want to repair?

  • What type of repair do you want to make: join, fill or seal.
  • Take into account if the repair requires resistance to water or heat.

Once you are clear about these three factors, you will only have to choose one of these products. We show you what they are for and how to apply them:

Epoxy adhesives

The epoxy adhesive is a two-component adhesive that is, a resin and a hardener. When a component is mixed in equal parts with the other, a reaction occurs which causes the adhesive to harden. It is especially indicated for structural joints and repairs that require great resistance to vibrations, blows or weight. They adhere perfectly to the most common metals you can find at home. Once hardened, it is not very flexible and very resistant to water. The view ports are essential now.

  • You can find slow or fast hardening epoxy adhesive. The slow-hardening epoxy adhesive is ideal for those joints that are easy to make. The difference compared to the fast epoxy is that the resistance is somewhat higher. The quick hardening epoxy adhesive, on the other hand, will be very practical if you want to make a complicated bond and you need it to be done in a short time, since it hardens in about five minutes.
  • The use of this type of adhesive is very easy. First of all, the surfaces to be joined must be clean and dry. We recommend that you pass cotton soaked in alcohol to clean and degrease the surface well. Next, deposit the two components in equal parts on a rigid plastic and mix well. You will see that each component has a different color. When you get a uniform color mixture, apply the adhesive on one of the surfaces to be bonded and make the joint. If you can, use a sergeant or clip to reinforce the union and remove it after 24 hours.

Make sure that the quantity of both products is the same. Otherwise, the adhesive may become somewhat softer or may harden faster than usual.

Smart Electrical Services Now Assured for You

Every year, the production of fuel and energy costs man more and more, and people begin to realize clearly that the senseless waste of energy and, in particular, electricity or the inefficient use of energy devices not only immoral, but also hurts, and the further, the stronger.

Each family is almost able to almost half the consumption of electricity in everyday life without significant harm to human comfort, if you master a number of useful rules and systematically carry them out.  A reliable electrician in Singaporeis able to help you out in this matter.

The Tips for You

These tips need to be remembered every day. They are not complex and do not require a lot of time for their implementation, but if you do not forget to follow them, you can significantly reduce the energy consumption in your home and reduce the cost of its payment.

The easiest and most effective way to save energy is to always turn off the light when you do not need it: leaving home, not leaving useless electrical appliances and lighting, do not allow prolonged lighting of empty premises. And leaving for a long time (for example, on vacation), we recommend to de-energize (pull out the plugs from the sockets) all electrical appliances. This measure not only guarantees to you that any device will waste energy, say, in the “standby” mode, but also provide fire safety in the house in your absence.

  • Keep the lamps and ceiling lamps clean. Dirt and dust accumulating on them can reduce the efficiency of the lighting fixture by 10-30%.
  • Your windows should be clean. Dirty windows “steal” the natural light that comes to your house. And then it is necessary to include artificial lighting and to spend thus electric energy. Dirty or dusty windows can reduce the natural illumination in the room to 30%.
  • Try to provide a lower level of general lighting when you use local lighting. That is, when your workplace is intensively illuminated by another lamp, say, a desk lamp or floor lamp.
  • Do not interfere with the penetration of natural light into the room: do not cover the curtains unnecessarily in the daytime, do not force the window sill with large plants, keep the windows clean, etc.

Look, where in your house you can replace a simple incandescent lamp with a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). Remember, the lamp should be selected so that it would go up to the lamp: it had the same base as the incandescent lamp, it fit into the lamp in its size. The most effective replacement of incandescent lamps for energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps in those places where the light is constantly on, and turns on / off seldom. Replacing incandescent lamps with modern energy-saving lamps can, on average, reduce the electricity consumption in an apartment by a factor of 2. A famous electrician in Singapore is serious on these matters.

Audio and video equipment

Leaving the house for a long time (or going to bed for the night), turn off not only the light, but also electric appliances that are in the “standby” mode (standby mode): TV, music center, DVD-player, this will reduce power consumption.


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