6 Ways of Tipping Your Server in a Restaurant

Tipping servers in restaurants is expected though it is not required legally in the US. There are certain amounts which you should leave behind for the server for good services offered. The tipping rules vary depending on countries. It’s a polite gesture to tell the server who attended to you when they do a good job. If you don’t know how to calculate tips you can use a free tip calculator widget.

  1. Tipping the right amount

If you live in the US, you should tip your server 15%. This is generally the standard tip, if you leave anything below that the server most likely will become offended. In case the services offered was good you can tip more.

  1. Use maths to determine the tip

Not every person is a mathematics guru. Some people will find it hard to determine how much 15% of the tip exactly is. You can use simple maths to determine how much tip to give before leaving. You can do an equation by rounding up the bill to the nearest 10 dollars before you get the total tip.

  1. Check if the tip is included in the bill

There will be some cases where the tip will be included in the total bill. In such a case you are not required to tip again. When the tip is included in the total bill, it will be indicated as gratuity bill. There are some restaurants which include the tip in the entire bill if a large number of people were dining together. This is done just in case some people would skimp the tip making the server not to make the basic amount required. Large groups of people need more time when serving them hence creating more work for the server. When eating in a restaurant, you should first check the menu or ask in advance if the tip is included in the bill or not.

  1. Tip other staff in the restaurant

If different servers have served you, then you should tip all of them. If the restaurant you are in has washroom attendants, you should also tip them between 50 cents to 1 dollar. However, when purchasing something over the counter such as morning coffee, you won’t be needed to tip.

  1. Using a tip generating app

Alternatively, you can download certain apps in your smartphone which will help you to calculate the amount of tip you should give after you key in the whole bill. Also, you can use the calculator in your smartphone to calculate the amount of tip depending on the amount of tip which you want to leave. There are websites which you can also use to calculate the tip, all you do is enter your bill amount and the percentage of tip you want to give.

  1. Realise why tipping is essential to servers

Majority of servers depend on tips to survive. Mostly the servers receive about 2$ per hour before they are tipped. It’s not a must for you to tip the server, but you will be helping them a lot if you do so.

Most countries in the united states are familiar with tipping, but it’s not legal. If you don’t know the amount of tip to leave behind, you can use tip generating apps websites or even the calculator in your phone.

How to learn to sail and how to improve your Skills?

Whether it is for regatta projects or for a long crossing, you have to be patient and especially go at your own pace. Here are some tips before you start!

As per experts, it took 30 years of sailing experience to consider yourself as a sailor. Whether it is for regatta projects or for a long crossing, you have to be patient and especially go at your own pace. Learning to sail is long but what a pleasure to be able to sail alone, with your children or with your friends on a cruise.

Immerse yourself in the maritime literature

Local literature is rich in maritime narratives: The stories of the first explorers show us the joys we share at sea but also the difficulties encountered in bad weather. Page after page, we learn the techniques to reduce the breakage of their Yacht, what’s more essential?

Subscribe to specialized magazines

The sailing Yachting press has many articles that are very rewarding and practical for learning how to maneuver and sail. She even devotes files for her learning with very specific items such as adjusting the sails, the reefing to reduce the wing in emergency, recover a man overboard ….

Register at a sailing school

The sailing schools recognized by the government authority are excellent ways to learn how to navigate safely. Instructors, state graduates follow your pedagogical progression according to your results and your marine sense. Their strength is to have at disposal several types of sailYachts (light and habitable sail). You have to learn to control them and make them perform whatever the weather.

Become a member of an association

Some associations offer trips to the sea. This is a great way to meet other captains who can explain the art of sailing. During these voyages, the crew members exchange their maritime experience on board. Back on dry land, you will have kept in mind valuable advice. You can visit for further information.

Rent a Yacht

Sailing Yacht hire is also a good way to learn how to navigate several bodies of water, which is very informative. The expression “greet the grains and round the caps” is meaningful in this context.

Embark with a confirmed crew

A skipper always looks for a volunteer crew to help send the mainsail, unwind the jib or ensure the day before, why not you? Sail with different crews, on sailYachts of small or large sizes, in addition to various water bodies; all these rich experiences are also pedagogical.

Make competitions

Being introduced to the regatta also helps to progress, it teaches to sail alone or in crew, in conditions often a little muscular but also in the light weather.

Become a traveler of the extreme

Some tour operators offer trips “extreme” to sailing, this trend is developing: example passage of Cape Horn from USHUAIA, or passage of the Far North. Above all, keep in mind that whatever happens, you must stay in control of your Yacht.

Great Opportunities for You Deals

To find an air conditioner that suits your specific needs, you need to consider several important selection criteria and ask questions accordingly:

Air conditioner use: seasonal (cooling and cooling in the transitional period) or year-round (cooling and heating) use of the appliance?

The power of the air conditioner: the power / effect of the air conditioner are tied to the surface area – what is the area of ​​the space that you are planning to air conditioning?

Air conditioner type: Depending on the characteristics of the room you plan to air-conditioning – whether a wall, ceiling or floor inner unit is required?

Energy Efficiency: All-day use of air conditioners affects the amount of el. energy – do you need a highly energy efficient device to reduce el. energy?

Purpose of space: is it a residential building (house, apartment), business object or facility with specific cooling / heating needs?

If you have any answers to some (or all) previous questions, please fill out the questionnaire that will display the devices according to your specific needs and requirements.You found the air conditioners that fit your needs and are not sure which one is the best for you?

Air conditioner features are the same as the ones in the offer, and the most important features to be considered when choosing are: with the good at aircon servicing you can have the best deal.

  • Unit dimensions : very important if you are limited, for example, by the width of the wall to the position of the indoor or outdoor unit
  • Noise: It is preferred as soon as the lower noise level of the indoor / outdoor unit
  • Consumption-Efficiency: Less power consumption means less bills for el. energy
  • Aesthetics: each device looks unique – find one that fits into the concept of space
  • Accessories: Each device offers a unique accessory, eg antibacterial filters for people with respiratory problems

Manufacturer: Our expert advice when choosing a device is choosing reliable Japanese brands such as Daikin,Mitsubishi, Toshiba or Fujitsu. At the good at aircon servicing Singapore you can have the best deal.

Following the Factoring Process for You

What is factoring for companies? Factoring is a solution for short-term financing of receivables. In exchange for invoices to a factoring company, they receive an immediate cash advance within 24 to 48 hours. The factoring company collects and manages the accounts receivable.

  • What is factoring for companies? Factoring is aimed at all types of companies that want to secure and finance their client accounts regardless of their size or sector of activity.
  • If you have any questions about factoring, do not hesitate to leave your details by completing the form at the end of the What’s factor company.

The factoring can be used at each of the company’s development stage. At start-up, factoring to finance the lack of cash or in the development phase to help the growth of business.

The factoring transaction involves an enterprise that uses a financial institution, called the factor, which, under an agreement, purchases the receivables from the latter and is responsible for recovering them from its debtor customers.

Factoring is the convention by which a specialized institution, called the factor (or factoring), which is often in practice a credit institution, agrees to settle the claims that a company holds on its customers, consideration for the transfer of these receivables and remuneration to it, consisting of commissions and agios. The factor thus pays the company early and is responsible for the recovery of the receivables thus transmitted to the debtors, at the risk of having to bear the eventual insolvency of the latter.

  • Thus, factoring offers companies the assurance of fast and secure payment of their customer invoices. In concrete terms, it allows them to delegate the management of the administrative tasks related to invoicing. The company, by selling its receivables to the factor, discharges indeed the problems of monitoring, recovery or recovery.
  • In addition, it is very rare in practice for an invoice to be paid immediately. In general, customers pay their debts at the due date on the invoices (legally no later than 45 days end of month or within 60 days from the date of issue of the invoice). The company therefore has a gap between when it bills and when the customer pays. By selling its invoices to a factoring company, the company can optimize its cash management.

You must inform your clients that you assign your receivables to a third party by the mention of subrogation affixed to the invoice that you send to your client and to the copy intended for the factor.

The factor will advance the amount corresponding to each invoice received, minus the fees and the percentage that it deducts to constitute your guarantee fund.

The factor receives the payment of invoices due directly by your customer and manages any unpaid invoices.

What happens in case of unpaid bills?

If you have purchased insurance – credit, it supports all or part of the unpaid (depending on your contract) and your full guarantee fund if necessary. For example: If credit insurance covers 80% of your unpaid debts, the factor will recover the remaining 20% ​​by staking in your guarantee fund.

The Essential Opportunities for the Load Boards

The overturned crane with 130 tons of lifting capacity.When we see this picture, we ask ourselves how these situations can be avoided and after similar ones.

We found the answer to this question, in the reading of the paragraphs that appear below and that were extracted from the operating manual of a telescopic mobile crane of another manufacturer.

We firmly believe that users should pay more attention to the operation and maintenance manuals of mobile cranes of all types.

The service failures are:

  • Overload
  • Pen outside the angle field of the load table
  • Pen outside the boom radius field of the load table
  • State of extension of the telescopic elements that do not correspond to the table
  • of charges “

load table is available

Assembly – no load table

  • The symbol appears when the disconnection limits of the LIC CON load controller are jumpered with the equipment push-button D and no load table is available.
  • The crane must only be used according to the corresponding chapter data
  • of the crane service manual and / or the lift / lower tables.
  • Indication:

By pressing the equipment button D you can carry out all the procedures oflifting / lowering within tables lifting. If you choose Free Freight Search load board then the options are bright enough.

Which there is no load table!

  • Danger of accidents with an assembly and control error!
  • With an assembly error and control, it is possible that the controller charges are not active or disconnected with delay!
  • The controller loads cannot pick a different state of equipment load chart!
  • Environmental and environmental influences not taken into consideration cannot be captured bythe Load Controller!

As a result there can be dangerous situations and accidents!People can die or be seriously injured!It can cause material damage!

  • Always mount and operate the crane with care!

Danger with the load controller bypassed!With the controller bridged loads and movements not monitored crane!The crane can overload and fall!People can die or be seriously injured!It can cause material damage!

  • Execute the crane movements only within the fields indicated in the load tableas in the lifting / descending tables!

Danger that the crane overturns!

If another counterweight is used that is different from the load table, then the crane or


  • Install the counterweight according to the values ​​indicated in the load table!

Danger of the crane overturning!

Before the boom is lifted out of its transport position, the crane must be stabilized according to the load table and the load controller adjusted according to the load tablevalid! When setting up the ballast, shall not exceed in any case, the lengths of boom and radios pen shown in table loads!

  • Absolutely observe the values ​​indicated in the load table!
  • Adjust the charge controller according to the load table and the mounted counterweight on the rotating platform.


The boom is extended beyond the maximum extent allowed by the amount of tons placed in the counterweight. The load moment of the boom is greater than the load moment of the counterweight. Then the crane is tipping over in the direction of the boom.


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