6 Ways of Tipping Your Server in a Restaurant

Tipping servers in restaurants is expected though it is not required legally in the US. There are certain amounts which you should leave behind for the server for good services offered. The tipping rules vary depending on countries. It’s a polite gesture to tell the server who attended to you when they do a good job. If you don’t know how to calculate tips you can use a free tip calculator widget.

  1. Tipping the right amount

If you live in the US, you should tip your server 15%. This is generally the standard tip, if you leave anything below that the server most likely will become offended. In case the services offered was good you can tip more.

  1. Use maths to determine the tip

Not every person is a mathematics guru. Some people will find it hard to determine how much 15% of the tip exactly is. You can use simple maths to determine how much tip to give before leaving. You can do an equation by rounding up the bill to the nearest 10 dollars before you get the total tip.

  1. Check if the tip is included in the bill

There will be some cases where the tip will be included in the total bill. In such a case you are not required to tip again. When the tip is included in the total bill, it will be indicated as gratuity bill. There are some restaurants which include the tip in the entire bill if a large number of people were dining together. This is done just in case some people would skimp the tip making the server not to make the basic amount required. Large groups of people need more time when serving them hence creating more work for the server. When eating in a restaurant, you should first check the menu or ask in advance if the tip is included in the bill or not.

  1. Tip other staff in the restaurant

If different servers have served you, then you should tip all of them. If the restaurant you are in has washroom attendants, you should also tip them between 50 cents to 1 dollar. However, when purchasing something over the counter such as morning coffee, you won’t be needed to tip.

  1. Using a tip generating app

Alternatively, you can download certain apps in your smartphone which will help you to calculate the amount of tip you should give after you key in the whole bill. Also, you can use the calculator in your smartphone to calculate the amount of tip depending on the amount of tip which you want to leave. There are websites which you can also use to calculate the tip, all you do is enter your bill amount and the percentage of tip you want to give.

  1. Realise why tipping is essential to servers

Majority of servers depend on tips to survive. Mostly the servers receive about 2$ per hour before they are tipped. It’s not a must for you to tip the server, but you will be helping them a lot if you do so.

Most countries in the united states are familiar with tipping, but it’s not legal. If you don’t know the amount of tip to leave behind, you can use tip generating apps websites or even the calculator in your phone.

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